Lafayette HD-1000H Repair

Lafayette HD-1000H Repair

Lafayette HD-1000H Helicopter Headset

The HD-1000H Helicopter Headset i got needs new wires, new connector system (k-plug,yeasu,condor,leixen etc) and some tlc 🙂

First test:

For testing i removed the old main wire (it started to fall apart) and replaced it with a K-Plug spiral cable from an old speakermic. Soon i will replace this with a connector system. Also i have seen that the other speaker and mic cables need replacement as they also fall apart, this will be done with a cotton woven cable.

I reused 5cm of the old cable still connected to the headset (pulled it back in) to hook it all up.

HD1000H vs Kenwood:

Headset K-plug Sort
Blue Red Mic
Green Blue Speaker+ (potmeter)
White Yellow Ground
Red Yellow Ground
none Green PTT To ground (yellow)

Results are great. First QSO’s made on FM. In digital mode it keeps loosing audio (advised to replace condensator (value) from fellow OM’s).

Photo’s and more documentation soon…

Hacks made to headset are documented here.