UVIYN Hardware Mods

First thing you have todo, if you want todo some screen or hardware mods is to open the UVIYN Hotspot.

Battery loose ?
My UVIYN Hotspot’s arrived with a loose battery inside. Once i opened the UVIYN Hotspot i stuck them down with double sided tape. 🙂

Adding a micro sd extension cable
One of the things i noticed playing around with screen layout’s, if you closed your UVIYN Hotspot before, you have to open it every time to access the micro sd card slot on the back of the TJC screen.

Found some extension cables here
10/15/25/46cm TF Male To Micro SD Female Card Reader Extension Adapter Cable Extender For Car GPS Phone TV Camera

The idea is to remove the unused usb port (usb_out2, left on the picture of the inside) and fix the microsd female in that space.

Replacing the L107 Board with a raspberry pi zero