UVIYN Hotspot

The UVIYN Hotspot is a MMDVM Openwrt Hotspot with a mmdvmhost-, iotboard (l107) and rechargeable batterie(s). Two versions are avaliable, with or without a TJC screen.
It supports the following modes: DMR, YSF and P25.

Also known as DXIYN UV Wifi Repeater Function Digital Hotsopt MMDVM UVIYN + LCD display support DMR P25 YSF QSO bulit in 2000mah 18650 Battery (somehow the screen versions i received till now don’t have a 18650 but a small 3000mah flat battery).

For this experiment i bought 3 hotspots, two with screen and one without from three different suppliers
I bought them with my own money and was not sponsored by any of them.

1. with display from L-Computerstore arrived very quick, and works perfect as is.
2. without display from KaisayaHIFI audio Store arrived 14 days after first one (ordered on same day as number one). Surprise it also had a display 🙂 thanx wow
3. with display from TZT Direct official Store not arrived yet (ordered once the first one arrived)

UVIYN Hotspot : Quick Setup Guide.
UVIYN Hotspot : Full Setup Guide.
UVIYN Hotspot : Database and Hostfile updates
UVIYN Hotspot : Firewall Settings
UVIYN Hotspot : Opening and Inside of UVIYN Hotspot
UVIYN Hotspot : Screen layout modifications
UVIYN Hotspot : Hardware Mods & Hacks
UVIYN Hotspot : Pi-Star (after hardware mod)
UVIYN Hotspot : Update and Recovery

Setup Video (except first wifi connect the instructions are the same for the UVIYN)

Inside view of the no display version

Screen : TJC 2.2inch LCD Screen
Frequency: 144-148,219-225,(Main Band)420-475,842-950 (i dont think it covers all those bands 😉 )
Modes: DMR, YSF and P25
Battery: 3000mah flat battery (screen version) / 2000mah 18650 (none screen version)
WIFI: (150Mhz 802.11g)
Processor: MIPS CPU 580MHz+128M DDR2
OS: OpenWrt Chaos Calmer 15.05.1 r49378
GUI: LuCI Master (git-18.178.28146-84c0ce9)
Kernel Version: 3.18.29
Model: BG7IYN16M+128
Size: 105*75*20mm
Material: Plastic
Colour: White
Package Contents: 1 * UvIYN MMDVM Hotspot with batttery & LCD