Pocketchip Flashing

Howto flash with chip-tools (https://archive.org/…/C.h.i.p.FlashCollection/CHIP-tools.zip) :

# CHIP-tools
A collection of scripts for working with CHIP

## Requirements
1) [sunxi-tools](https://github.com/linux-sunxi/sunxi-tools.git)
2) **uboot-tools** from your package manager
2) **mtd-utils-mlc** from our repository (https://github.com/nextthingco/chip-mt
d-utils) [for creating images]

$ ./chip-update-firmware.sh -h
-s — Server [Debian + Headless] -g — GUI [Debian + XFCE] -p — PocketCHIP [CHIP on the go!] -b — Buildroot [Tiny, but powerful] -f — Force clean [re-download if applicable] -n — No limit [enable greater power draw] -r — Reset [reset device after flash] -B — Branch [eg. -B testing] -N — Build# [eg. -N 150] -F — Format [eg. -F Toshiba_4G_MLC] -L — Local [eg. -L ../img/buildroot/]

so intressting is -s -g -p 🙂
if you add ” -B testing” you will get the latest version (you will also get this version after flashing the original and update/upgrade)

$ ./chip-update-firmware.sh -p
Pocketchip original version

$ ./chip-update-firmware.sh -g
Gui version also works on pocketchip
note : calibration of pointer and keyboard mapping is needed

$ ./chip-update-firmware.sh -s
Text only server version
note : keyboard mapping is needed

Don’t forget to shorten fel and gnd before flashing (DUHHH)

Happy flashing