Repeater PYE F496 Hardware



Here i will post all hardware related items

First we restored the repeater to it’s original state, everything worked fine except the CTCSS (wire is loose, no idea hi), have to check module.


Needed to do:

  • CTCSS module not working (broken wire)
  • Ventilator in rack not working (inside 12v power supply)
  • Stamp2 reprogram 🙂  or new controller board 🙁
  • Frequency needs to be changed .
  • Filters tuned  to the new frequency’s, or new filters.

Extra to do :

  • Led’s of controller board in repeater case (extra leds?)
  • Audio in/out connection in repeater case
  • Light in front of housing (Rx/TX/standby color) stamp, arduino or pi
  • Raspberry Pi for Echolink, remote control etc
  • New controller handset
  • etc etc etc